Corona And Ayurveda

Corona And Ayurveda

May 30, 2022

Ayurveda backed tips for protecting from Coronavirus

1)   Eat healthy

Healthy eating can always help us to keep the diseases at bay. Including yogurt can support microbial immunity and keep you healthy. Many ayurvedic experts suggest to include medicinal herbs in the daily diet. Herbs like amla, neem, tulsi, shilajit, ashwagandha can help to shoot up the immunity.

Amla: It is a powerhouse of nutrients. Filled with vitamin c, calcium, and iron it helps in boosting immunity.

Neem: Neem with both anti-bacterial and fungal properties helps in purifying blood and strengthen our immunity.

Tulsi: Holi basil or tulsi, a traditional Indian herb has amazing therapeutic properties. The antioxidant-rich herb can suppress caught and treat many respiratory ailments.

Turmeric:  An  all-around  element,  with  its  curcumin  compound  it acts as an immunity booster.

Ashwagandha: Indian Ginseng helps acts as a calming and stress relieving agent.

Herbal  tea  made  with  ginger,  fennel,  turmeric,  mint  can  elevate  our  immunity  and prevent us from the deadly virus. These herbal tea acts as a detoxifying agent and purifies the toxins present in our body.

Adding spices like black pepper, coriander seeds, garlic, cinnamon, ginger, and additionally with Vitamin c and zinc-rich fruits and vegetables help your immunity up. With healthy eating healthy sleeping is necessary. Sleep hygiene help us to produce the necessary immune proteins called cytokines.

2)   Oil pulling and abhyanga

Abhyanga is a self-massaging technique that refreshes and calms down the stress level and help with your immunity level. Oil pulling with sesame oil also gives hands with this.

3)   Yoga for immunity

Respiratory  illness  can  make  the  situation  worse  so  it’s  in  our  hands  to  keep  the immunity held uptightly. With the suggestions of herbs to be included, many yogis suggest doing Pranayam,  Surya  Namaskar,  and  other  few  poses  to  improve  our  respiratory  organs  and increases  the  circulation of lymph. Take a damper on your immunity system with the regular practice of mindful meditation.

These pandemics are not new to this world. Our human race has suffered from these kinds of viruses in the past and it is not going to be the last for us to face. These virus attacks are totally undetermined. Although there are no proven cure for COVID 19 infection, we can give a try with our Veda to be preventive. Be preventive before the cure.